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Is GTA 5 still one of the best games ever?

We are becoming one of the best games of all time. That’s quite a big job, but Grand Theft Auto 5 has earned a title. The game from Rockstar Games already managed to make a lot of fans in 2013 and has only gained more fame since then. Now, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X remaster still months away, we’re just curious: Is GTA 5 still one of the best games ever?

When Grand Theft Auto V appeared on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, the game was met with critical acclaim. With an almost perfect score, the game was received in 2013, after which the re-release in 2014 again managed to score high. Even then, the game was received on console with a 97 on Metacritic.

The problem at the base

One of the greatest pleasures of GTA 5 is that the game is a feast for the eyes. Graphically, the game was phenomenal, making the spectacular open world a joy to explore. The only point of criticism in 2014, a year after the original release, was that the design tricks of the previous generation became somewhat visible.

The way Los Santos is put together was considered outdated in 2014. With the upcoming re-release on the way, it immediately makes you wonder whether the outdated design will cause problems. After all, what was the newest of the newest in 2013 may have lost quite a bit of shine eight years later.

What speaks in favor of the game is that some aging in the design doesn’t have to be too much of a problem. After all, what is important is whether the game still plays well despite that. Gameplay is king, and as long as that is still good in 2021, it does not matter that the game is a bit older in terms of design in the open world.

Gameplay remains king

In terms of gameplay, GTA 5 is still rock solid. At least, in large parts, everything still works fine. Shooting in GTA 5 has always been fun, as has the driving. These two aspects made it so fun for players to roam the giant Los Santos sandbox.

A number of updates will be added for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version that should put the game in a modern play jacket. Think especially of a 60-fps frame rate that makes the gameplay a lot smoother. The game is also offered in 4K resolution. GTA 5 will therefore look better than ever on the new hardware, while the playing experience has also been improved via the frame rate.

One of the things players will find that improves is the shooting and driving through the city. Because the images are refreshed twice as often as they were, both aspects simply feel smoother. If all goes well, the new version in November should once again emphasize how excellent the open-world gameplay is.

Gameplay remains king GTA
Gameplay remains king

GTA Online

The fact that the gameplay on the last-gen versions is still solid is also emphasized through another aspect of the game. Of course, we mean GTA Online. The multiplayer component of GTA 5 is more popular than ever in 2021, which in large part has to do with the constantly developing world that Rockstar Games creates.

GTA Online continues to receive updates that players put in for tens to hundreds of hours. This all comes in the form of new modes, storylines, and of course, cars and weapons. Players can’t stop expanding their empire in a world where they and friends wreak havoc across Los Santos.

It is, therefore, this part of GTA 5 that shows more than any other aspect that GTA 5 is still one of the best games ever. In the history of gaming, there are few if any other games that are still played as much after so many years as GTA 5, something that has a lot to do with GTA Online.

After all, the only way to play GTA Online is to get GTA 5. That’s also one of the reasons why the game still often appears high in the monthly MPD lists of the best-selling games of the month after eight years. During the previous generation, the game has been here almost every month of the PS4 and Xbox One lifecycle.

Still a king

GTA 5 is certainly one of the best games ever made, although that is no longer necessary due to the single-player part. This, of course, formed the basis of the success, and the story around Michael, Trevor, and Franklin is certainly still entertaining, but we now see good stories pass in review more often. What actually makes GTA 5 one of the best games ever in GTA Online.

The community that has formed around the multiplayer is of a completely different level. From role-playing games, you can follow on Twitch with creative storylines to jaw-dropping stunt races, fans will find endless fun in GTA Online. For others, it’s simply a friendly gathering place to hang out with friends after work or school.

However, you look at it, GTA 5 is one of the best games ever despite some outdated aspects. Fortunately for fans, these will be polished up with next-gen versions on November 11, and fans will also be rewarded with new content. In that respect, it makes sense that Rockstar Games has waited so long with GTA 6, because yes, the hardcore fan base is still thoroughly enjoying what is already out there.

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